How to Choose the Best Golf Driver

How to Choose the Best Golf Driver?


How to Choose the Best Golf DriverChoosing the best golf driver is essential for any golfer. It enables you to create high swing speeds, promotes longer drives and ensures that shots are more powerful. If you want to have a great golf game, you should not choose a golf driver because it looks great or attractive. Majority of golf players use a golf driver whose loft is not sufficient or too long for the swing. Others purchase expensive drivers thinking that it is going to improving their game automatically. Here are few steps on how to choose the best golf driver

Club head design and size

This is the first consideration when you are looking for a golf driver. A golf driver with larger heads give a larger surface area to hit a “sweet spot” and creates more momentum. This improves the consistency of players who do not have much experience to achieve greater distances. Experienced players should choose golf drivers with smaller heads so that they can have better control. There are different materials for the club head. Titanium allows for a bigger head while still maintaining the weight while stainless steel drivers are much cheaper.


Loft refers to the angle of the club head. This is another critical part of your selection process. Choosing a driver with the right amount of loft will determine the trajectory of the golf ball. A golf driver with a higher loft means that the launch angle is higher and this equates to greater distances. Golf balls produced today and golf clubs with bigger heads require higher launch angles. It is therefore important to choose a golf driver that matches the style of play that you are accustomed. However, when you have doubts over the right driver to choose, always go for one with a higher loft. Golfers with swing speeds of less than 90 miles per hour should choose a golf driver that has more loft. This increases the backspin and keeps the ball aloft. For the average golfer, it is advisable to choose a driver with 10 degrees of loft.

How to Choose the Best Golf Driver


Choosing a driver with the right shaft flex is important since it determines the accuracy and distance covered by the ball. Players with slower swing speeds should choose drivers with a shaft, which is more flexible. This will help them to reach longer distances. When choosing the shaft, ensure you choose the right shaft length. A proper shaft length ensures that you attain the right proper positioning when you swing. Those players with higher swing speeds should choose shafts that are stiffer to maximize on accuracy. It is important to choose a shaft that you can control without any problems.


Enjoying a game of golf requires you to have the best golf driver (see the Golf Spy for more info). One that is suited to your level of skill and experience. With plenty of varieties available and expert advice, one can easily get confused. The most important thing is choosing a golf driver that is most suited to your needs. After all those considerations, you can now visit a golf shop. A golf shop with the right professional will help you determine all your abilities and propose the right golf driver for you.

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