Advanced Paintball Guns

Top 3 Intermediate/Advanced Paintball Guns

If you want to take your paintball experience to a whole new level, you need a marker that gets the job done properly. All the units listed below are of high-quality and are known to deliver exactly as advertised. These markers are also a fantastic solution for those who need to upgrade from beginner-level and you can safely enter the paintball field knowing that you are properly equipped to tackle your opponents. Have a look at these 3 fantastic paintball markers and check if you can find your perfect match to enhance your shooting skills. 

Spyder MR1 Tactical Paintball Marker

Advanced Paintball GunsBecause of the details that go into their constructions, Spyder has been one of the most popular brands since 1994. Due to this, even the most experienced users and the most advanced courses can benefit a lot from its use. It has an easy to use operating system making it one of the best options for advanced paintball players. This kind of versatility can be enjoyed by all individuals and all levels of skills which eventually makes it a sought after item for those who are fans of the game. Starting with the MR1 marker which keeps on firing and takes the beating, it has almost everything you require to hit the course with confidence.

It’s also equipped with a full-length stock, a field strippable bolt that produces a highly accurate scenario and an easy to operate military resilience stability. More so, even when you are walking through the wettest terrain, this marker won’t rust. Thanks to its matte anodized finish and sturdy all aluminum, it can withstand virtually anything on its way. Some of its other features include a two finger trigger, a 2-inch muzzle break, a standard Picatinny rail and a quick strip bolt. When you consider the comprehensive equipment and the high-quality manufacturing that came into it, you realize that it’s quite affordable. Although it cannot be owned everywhere, it’s popular because of its high-quality design. It’s, therefore one of the top sets and must have for many paintballers.

Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun

Advanced Paintball GunsThe A 5 is one of the most popular markers in the market for a very good reason. The Tippmann offers maximum-performance and provides you with an extremely cost effective marker that most people will be happy with as their main marker. As compared to others, it’s easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. If you happen to accidentally damage it, its replacement parts are not only common but also affordable. It comes with a 20-inch tactical barrel which increases the overall distance and accuracy. Plus, it has a collapsible stock which enables you to position it in the most comfortable manner when preparing for your shots.

This model features a red dot sight which will suits you so well. Since paintball rifles are not as consistent as the standard ones, its scope is slightly unreliable. However, by combining the accuracy, durability, and technology, this unique marker has everything that you need to spend the day at the course allowing to concentrate fully on eliminating your opponent. It also has features such as a front cocking knob, shock absorbing end cap for reduced recoil and wear and 200 round stock hopper. The good thing is that it’s compatible with nitrogen, compressed air, and is also customizable for an improved performance. Overall, you will really like this package since without changing anything, you can be able to use it well right out of the box. It’s, therefore, not a bad choice.

Dangerous Power Spec- R Paintball Gun

Advanced Paintball GunsThis is also another high-quality marker from the Dangerous Power Paintball brand. It’s unique ultra modern design is guaranteed to provide you a great appeal especially if you are a real paintball enthusiast. At only 6 pounds, it’s very light. This is very important since it facilitates its ease of handling and portability. As compared to others, it also comes in beautiful colors from which you can choose from. Some of these colors include Nova Blue, Halo Gold, Pulsar, Andromeda Grey and Celestial Green. More so, it features a 2 piece micro honed barrel of 14 inches long.

It’s equipped with a programmable OLED Board which has many numerous profiles and a marker with well-set configurations. These are some of the factors that play an important role when it comes to improving the level of play. It has a very attractive finish and a RAPTM Air System Adaptor that is screwed next to the air tank. This not only improves efficiency but also its modern feature. It has a light weight frame that is very much ideal when on the battle field. Overall, some of these qualities clearly mean that you will get value for your money. They are also easily available at Amazon at quite affordable prices. You are also assured that the products that you will buy are genuine. When you consider some of its features you will definitely get value.


If you are not a paintball beginner anymore and you are looking for a way to upgrade, you now have all the information you need to take your paintball experience to a completely new level. These guns are designed to provide you with top-rated experience and if you practice enough, you will be able to fire accurately almost every time you shoot. Keep in mind that upgrading doesn’t mean you have to fork out a lot of money for an equipment. All you need to think about is to understand your needs and style. If you buy a marker that suits your needs, you will see accurate results very quickly.